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Wake up at sunrise and check directly out front how the surf looks while you enjoy your cup of coffee. Choose to have breakfast at any moment before or after your dawn surf session. After surfing all morning you can relax and rest up while lunch is being prepared. With good conditions there should be good waves all day with both tides. The afternoon offshore breeze provides the rest of the day with perfect conditions and we can decide where to surf with no hesitations. After your afternoon session it's time to enjoy the pool and wait for dinner while you watch some videos and make plans for the next day

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Why all-inclusive?

With an all-inclusive package you can assure yourself a safe and sure bet. Do not worry about trying to figure out your way through Nicaragua, we are here to save you time and money. Our Surf house is steps away from some of the incredible surf on Playa Colorado and minutes away from a variety of other incredible surf spots. Our mission is to score epic waves and guarantee you are always fully satisfied. Our concept is based on maximum comfort to guarantee the enjoyment of these white sand beaches and deep blue waves of the Pacific Ocean. This is a unique wave hunting experience. We are about surfing different breaks depending on conditions so you can have the broadest surf experience possible. Our coastline has surf for all different levels of expertise so we are confident you will find the right wave for you to have fun on and cut loose throughout your search in Nicaragua. 

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Why surf Nicaragua?

Our pacific coastline has an ideal position to absorb the loads of SW swell that generates in the south pacific and is directed toward us. When swell reaches the coast it is groomed by offshore wind present all day thanks to our large fresh water lake that makes up almost the entire southern region of Nicaragua. Most surf is encountered in beaches with sandbars or river mouths that help create these bars, but you will be amazed how good and consistent some of the breaks are. Amongst these beaches you find many points and reefs that produce the perfect recipe for incredible perfect point breaks: Although some spots have fair crowds, you also surf pristine waves with only your friends, and keep on the go to surf the next epic spot with the changing tides.

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Additional services:

Professional Photography




Need a professional photography shoot? We can make your appointment so you can take home memories of you getting pitted on a pristine Nicaraguan barrel.

Our Collaborating photographers are:

Tony Roberts, Jerson Barboza, David Flores, Emiliano Gatica, 

Boat Trip - Surfing & Fishing



 Full day and Half-day departing any beach on the Rivas coastline. 

8 person capacity. Contact us for rates and details. Perfect for surfing and fishing!


Please inquire if interested in other activities to do in Nicaragua. Our country is filled with interesting and unique things to do. We have a vast list of great options and service providers to expose the hidden qualities that Nicaragua holds.  

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NicaSurfing siempre listos para atendernos como pocas veces me han atendido en un viaje... Martin Passeri- Olas Permanentes Magazine

Excelent hosts, the best surf trip in my life. Incredible settings and perfect waves. Love Nicaragua. Count us in for next year!

Chris R. Jones U.S.A.

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Nicaragua Wavehunting & Surf Packages


Guided All-Inclusive Surf Packages on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua.


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All photo by Emiliano Gatica, Tony Roberts, Jerson Barboza, David Flores

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