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Would you like to have a professional surf photographer document your surf sessions when you are in Nicaragua? We believe it is important, for this part of your surf vacation to be planned before your arrival. To solve this we have listed profiles of our collaborating photographers so you can start planning with anticipation. Contact us with your information and we will gladly make your appointment with a photographer that is available for your dates and time.

Boat Trips

This is the perfect way to explore the incredible surf we have in Nicaragua. You can attack the many different waves you can find in our coastline by sea, as well as trying to catch some of the incredible fish in our waters like, dorado (mahi-mahi),  wahoo, sailfish, sierra mackerel, bonito, barracuda, jack, crevalle (jurel), yellow-fin tuna, grouper (mero), roosterfish (gallo), cabrilla, and snapper (pargo).  You can also visit incredible places for snorkeling and exploring under the oceans surface.  Please read the information below and contact us with your inquiry.

List your property

Rental Agent:

This service is provided for clients with homes that already have a property manager, and is interested in finding more rental occupancy.  Your vacation rental will be listed in our catalog of existing homes for rent, to potential renters through our network and website which is under constant marketing strategies to attract more clientele.  We will handle all the rental details, including lease services to ensure the safety of your house, and the comfort of the renters.  We take care of soliciting the dates with the rental manager as well as making the according deposits for reservation. We work with security deposits considering the terms of each home owner. can help you get a return on your investment at no cost to you. We work with a base commission percentage from any rental income created by our services.


Nicaragua Wavehunting & Surf Packages


Guided All-Inclusive Surf Packages on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua.

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All photo by Emiliano Gatica, Tony Roberts, Jerson Barboza, David Flores

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