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NICARAGUA is a surfers paradise in the heart of the Americas, situated on a privileged geographical location that is responsible for producing excellent surfing conditions. Our southern region is almost entirely comprised of Lago Cocibolca, an inmense lake with a span of 8,624 km2 of fresh water, home to many incredible and unique places like the island of Ometepe, an island within the lake formed from two majestic volcanoes, an archipielago of 400 volcanic tropical islets, as well as species of fresh water bull shark (Tiburon Toro) and saw fish (Pez Sierra).

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The southern pacific coastline of Nicaragua benefits from this expansive fresh water lake and absence of landmass, allowing trade winds from the caribbean sea to accelerate and flow uninterrupted, grooming southern swells into almond-shaped barrels and clean hollow lines. Offshore wind is predominant almost the entire year in the southern region, only interrupted by storms.  We can generally say that we have perfect conditions all day long.


Our central and northern regions have a different geography; the land becomes volcanic and mountainous. The coastline is defined by large estuaries with large mangrove eco-systems, and beaches become longer with sand from a more volcanic origin, from residue of eruptions in the past. Surf conditions are also a product of this geography.

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Offshore wind is predominant and flows consistent from the NE almost all day during only a few months of our dry season, producing epic conditions for this region. However, many months of the year the wind can switch during the day and produce onshore conditions. When this happens we also find it fun and sometimes epic, because of consistent incoming swell that has no mercy for wind or rain.This region is much more remote and we love to surf it, there are incredible spots with waves that can be as good as you can imagine.

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To describe our climate we can say we have two distinctive weather seasons, a rainy season from May to Novemeber that is interrupted during June and July by what we call a "canícula" in spanish or "periodo canicular", which is a small "summer" in between our rainy season; and a dry season from December to mid May.

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Surf is consistenet almost all year long except for December and January which have very pristine clean conditions, but swell is sporadic and calm. February sees the ocean starting to come alive and sandbars start to shape up during the first months of the year, however we have had years where Decemebr and January produce good North swell, and ocasional South swell. So really Nicaragua is never "bad" or "out-of-surf season", one can always find fun waves if you know where to look.


Nicaragua really is one of the best places to surf in the world, already considered the ultimate surfing frontier in Central America.  Our pacific coastline is a swell magnet for SW and S hemisphere swells (for which the orientation of our coastline is ideal) that average 4-8 feet, and sometimes up to 10-15ft + on the  biggest swells.


A few months of the year, with ground swell coming in with periods over 20 seconds, you can see a handful of spots become alive that are considered gems sitting in the heart of the Americas. We are privileged by being able to surf and enjoy incredible waves in a vast array of beaches and surf spots that are yet un-crowded. With solid and consistent swell, predominant offshore wind, and a vast ideal coastline, we sure have some of the best surf in Central America.

With solid and consistent South swells and some of the best points, reefs and sandbars in Central America, Nicaragua is a recipe for perfection.


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