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Nicaragua is a land of lakes and volcanoes. It is a country rich with inspiring history and blessed with extensive waterways and rainforest. It is the largest country in the Central American region and holds two of the biggest lakes in Latin America, helping us maintain great offshore winds year round!  We have the longest river systems and the richest volcanic soils in Central America.  This rich soil created by volcanic activity has proven an ideal growing medium for our country’s most lucrative crops. The three largest cities in the country were founded in the shadows of volcanoes, which were once believed to be nature’s protectors.

The vast rainforests of the Atlantic coast are the largest north of the Amazon and beautiful white sand keys sit in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.  This vast rainforest is considered to be the ¨lung of the Americas¨ in the shadow of the Amazon jungle.  It is a country with breathtaking mountainous north-central plains, eastern jungles, and numerous volcanic formations.

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Central America has 0.05 % of the world’s landmass but 10 % of the world’s biodiversity.  To protect this patrimony of planet earth Nicaragua has established 76 protected areas encompassing more than 20 % of its territory.  We hold some of the world’s most diverse mangrove ecosystems. Our flora is unique because of the natural depression of Rio San Juan and the two great lakes, which naturally creates the borderline between the flora of North America and that of South America.  This means we find manifested in Nicaraguan territory flora of both North and South America.

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We are home to a very important biological corridor that serves as a bridge for migrating species.  Our oceans are rich in abundance of fish as well as serving as a reproduction ground for many species of whales.  We are home to the tenth biggest lake in the world, that holds its own by being habitat to fresh water bull sharks.   With approximately 12,000 plant and 1,400 species currently recorded, Nicaragua is still largely unexplored by modern man and science.

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Geographically Nicaragua is divided into three regions.  Pacific, Central, and Atlantic or Caribbean.  The pacific region has 20 % of the country’s surface area but is home to 60 % of the population.  The Pacific Ocean coastal plains and the ones that surround the great lakes are the areas that comprise this region.  This region is well known for its development in agriculture.  The central region with 40 % of the surface area and 28 % of the population of the country is comprised of high mountains and beautiful valleys.  This land region produces some of the world’s best coffee.  The Caribbean region is comprised of 40% of the surface area but only holds 12% of the population in Nicaragua.  This is an ample region that covers the eastern half of the country.  This region descends slowly into the Caribbean Sea, bringing water from the mountaintops of the central region to the sea giving birth to the biggest rivers in Central America.  To name a few there is the Rio Coco (780 km), the Grande de Matagalpa (430km), the Prinzapolka (225km), and the exuberant Rio San Juan (199km), which drains Lake Nicaragua to the Caribbean Sea.

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Politically the country is divided into 15 departments and 2 autonomous regions.   Each one has unique characteristics that define its authenticity.  Point on the map below to explore the depth of our beautiful country.




Nicaragua Map

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Mapa Carreteras


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